5 Ideas to Decorate a Room with the Latest Design Rugs Collection

Put emphasis on the ambience and the decor of a room by choosing the right floor rug. Add warmth to the room and help layer the room’s décor with the perfect Oriental rug from Yarash Oriental Rugs. Transform the room and create a gorgeous space for yourself with the latest design rugs collection. Many renowned interior decorators believe that the carpet is the heart and soul of the room. So, give your dwelling an inexorable chic look with a vibrant oriental rug.


Begin by selecting the rug– The trick is to first select the rug and then decide on the colour scheme, furniture arrangement and accessories accordingly. Selecting the rug will help you visualise how the room will be laid out and what colours will look great in it.


Select the size of the rug– Choosing the right sized rug is very important as a smaller rug will make the room appear smaller and an over-sized one will simply look awkward. You can also choose a number of smaller rugs to define different areas.


Try layering with multiple rugs– Professional interior decorators often opt for the decorating idea of layering with multiple rugs to spruce a room. The base rug is usually larger in size and neutral in colour, the rugs that are used to add layers are of vibrant colours with interesting patterns.


Choose the right coloured rug– Make the room look sophisticated with the right coloured rug that will add character to the room. A rug with darker colours in it brings the height of the room down making it look cramped and the rug with light colours in it makes the ceiling seem higher.


Select bold patterns– Select from the latest design rugs collection and experiment with bold patterns that will strongly impact the interior of the room. Small designs accentuate the furniture while bold large designs will make the rug be the focal point of the interior of the room.


We understand that it is very difficult to choose a rug without viewing it in the room or space it will be decorated in. You will be spoilt for choice if you see the latest design rugs collection of Yarash Oriental Rugs. We have experts to help you choose the right rug for your room according to the dimensions of the room and the décor. If you are still confused about which one to buy, call Yarash Oriental Rugs on: 020 8800 3307 and request for a home viewing free of cost in the UK.



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